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TICSP Series #35
Interactive TV: A Shared Experience TICSP Adjunct Proceedings of EuroITV 2007
Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2007
May 2007, ISBN 952-15-1765-5
Artur Lygmayr, Piotr Golebiowski




Edited by: Pablo Cesar

Shawn De Freitas, Begoña Bagur, A Case Study Analysis on Digital Convergent Design: SkyNet platform

Omar Bakhshi, The Implications of Convergence on EPG Design: Enabling the Mediation of Content through Converged Technologies

Tibor Kunert, Heidi Krömker, Uwe Kühhirt, Navigation Design Guidelines for Interactive Television Applications


Edited by: Brunhild Bushoff, Chengyuan Peng

Marian F. Ursu, Ian Kegel, Doug Williams, Shape shifted TV: Authoring and Delivering New Forms of Interactive TV

Jens F. Jensen, User-generated Content – a Mega-trend in the New Media Landscape

Artur Lugmayr, Modern Techniques in Professional Film & TV Productions

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Pablo Cesar, Introduction to iTV: State of the Art and Future Directions


Edited by: Pablo Cesar

Matthias Rauterberg, Ambient Culture: A Possible Future for Entertainment Computing

Luiz Fernando Gomes Soares, Guido Lemos de Souza Filho, Interactive Television in Brazil: System Software and the Digital Divide

Maddy Janse, Interactive Media: Shared Experiences in the Extended Home Environment


The Future of Television: Is It Ambient Entertainment?

Edited by: Artur Lugmayr

Daniel Michelis, Observing Interaction with Public Displays

Toby Mory, Swarms - The next social revolution?v

Piotr Gołębiowski, Diego López Abril, Development of a Metadata Repository for Digital Film Production Metadata based on the Material eXchange Format (MXF)

Robert Strzebkowski, Cem Temür, Björn Münchau, TV 2.0 - New Potentials for IP-based TV through Web Technologies and the Use of Metadata - Two Examples

Giulio Mori, Fabio Paternò, Carmen Santoro, Sandro Sansone, Migrating the User Interface between the Digital TV and Mobile Devices

Simon Reymann, Volker Bruns, P2 - Portable Personality a Middleware Solution for Smart User Profile Management and Distribution

Mamadou Sidibé, Ahmed Mehaoua, Quality-of-Service Monitoring System for an Integrated End-to-End Service Management in Multi-domain Heterogeneous Environment

Artur Lugmayr, Ambience, ambience, ambience - What are Ambient Media?

Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Supporting Sporadic Community Awareness in Everyday Places with Interactive TV

Personalization in ITV

Edited by: Lora Aroyo, Pieter Bellekens

Dietwig Lowet, Paul Shrubsole, Content sharing and experience sharing with Web4CE

Christophe Senot, Yann Toms, Armen Aghasaryan, Stéphane Betgé-Brezetz, Multi-Platform User and Usage Profiling Demonstration: Video-on-Demand Services in IPTV and Mobile Video environments

Alcina Prata1, Teresa Chambel, Nuno Guimarães, e-iTV: Cross-Media Personalized Learning Environments via Interactive TV

Mikhail Simonov, Paolo Brizzi, Marco Gavelli, Antonio Sciarappa, TV for Health: One-to-One Personalized Content Delivery in Living Room

David Bueno, Ricardo Conejo, Javier G. Recuenco, An architecture for a TV Recommender System

Desmond P. Boksan-Cullen, Personal TV, Mobile Interactive Television and the hearing impaired

Social Interactive Television

Edited by: David Geerts, Gunnar Harboe, Noel Massey

Jan Heß, Supporting Community Building in iTV Environments

Andrea Ghittino, Arianna Iatrino, Sonia Modeo, Ferdinando Ricchiuti, Living@room: a Support for Direct Sociability through Interactive TV

Marianna Obrist, My Home: Let Users design their own Social iTV

Manuel José Damásio, Célia Quico, Participatory Culture and Media Usage: Exploring Participatory Media Potential’s as a Platform for Young People Civic Engagement

Chris Harrison, Brian Amento, CollaboraTV – Making TV Social Again

Erik Boertjes, ConnecTV: Share the Experience

Päivi Aarreniemi-Jokipelto, Haaga-Helia, T-learning and Social Interactive Television

Interactive Applications for Mobile TV

Edited by: Johan Lilius

Ville Ollikainen, Chengyuan Peng, An Implementation of DVB-H Open Security Framework

Kristian Nybom, Janne Kempe, M. Mohsin Saleemi, Jerker Björkqvist, Johan Lilius, A Communication Methodology for Interactive Location-Based Mobile Games

Carlos Herrero, Pia Ojanen, Petri Vuorimaa, Platform Independent Mobile TV Client

M. Mohsin Saleemi, Jerker Björkqvist, Johan Lilius, Software Platform for Mobile TV

Björn Stockleben, Approaches towards a Mobile Interactive Platform

Arvid Engstrom, Cristian Norlin, Mattias Esbjörnsson, Oskar Juhlin, More TV! support for Local and Collaborative Production and Consumtion of Mobile TV


Edited by: Ben Gammon, Mark Howell

Ludvig Lohse, Julia Sussner, Maureen Thomas, Gormenghast Explore: iTV Drama

Joshua Underwood, Rosemary Luckin, Hilary Smith, Roland Tongue, Darren Pearce, Benedict du Boulay, Joseph Holmberg, Shared Learning: Mobile Interactive TV to Link Home & School

Jenneke Fokker, Maarten ten Brinke, Huib de Ridder, Piet Westendorp, Johan Pouwelse, A Demonstration of Tribler: Peer-to-Peer Television

Goro Otsubo, Goromi-TV Browsing for Thousands of Videos at Will

Work in Progress Papers

Edited by: Lyn Pemberton

Joao Benedito dos Santos Junior, Iran Calixto Abrão, André Bretas Nunes de Lima, Marcos Augusto Loiola, Paulo Muniz de Avila, Herick Nogueira Marques, Bruno Tardiole, Prototyping Interactive Digital Television Programmes Using Java and XML: a Platform for Developers and Viewers

Jenneke Fokker, Arnold Vermeeren, Huib de Ridder, Remote User Experience Testing of Peer to Peer Television Systems: a Pilot Study of Tribler

Felipe Garcia-Sanchez, Antonio-Javier Garcia-Sanchez, Joan Garcia-Haro, A User to User Communication Service for MHP Applications

Andrea Ghittino, Arianna Iatrino, Sonia Modeo, Ferdinando Ricchiuti, Living@Room: a TV-based Social Experience for Multimedia Content Streaming

Sergio Goldenberg, DVR’s and Micro-social Networking – Recreating the Shared Watching Experience of TV

Chris Harrison, Brian Amento, CollaboraTV: Using Asynchronous Communication to Make TV Social Again

Jan Hess, Tim Reichling, Volker Wulf, Steffen Rumpf, Gerd Flender, Using Text Matching to Recommend TV Shows

Jan Kallenbach, Pirkko Oittinen, Interactivity & Interactive Television – an Integrative Approach to Study Communicative Settings

Sander Limonard, Richard Tee, User Driven Business Models – Assessing the Value of the Long Tail for Audiovisual Services

Evangelia Mantzari, Adam Vrechopoulos, "My Social Tube" - User Generated Content and Communication on Interactive DTV

Ken Newman, Robbie Grigg, The Didactics of Punk Production

Gaetanino Paolone, Eliseo Clementini, A Content Management for Developing Digital Terrestrial Television Applications

Lara Piccolo, Amanda Melo, Maria Baranauskas, A Convergent Proposal for Accessible Interactive TV Applications Development

Daniela Ponce, Kamila Olsevicova, Vladimir Bures, Zdenek Mikovec, Pavel Cech, ELU Approach to Design of Educational Applications for iDTV

Jaime Russell, Watching User-generated Content Cross the Barrier to iTV

W. Seager, H. Knoche, Angela Sasse, TV-centricity – Requirements Gathering for Triple Play services

“Different” and “exciting” – the Impact of STB and Mobile Phone Interactivity on TV Viewing Experiences Tommy Standval, Susanne Sperring

Patricia Vasconcelos, Fabricio Fava, Thais Kampf, Albert Schilling, Elizabeth Furtado, Ethnographic Investigational Methodology and Evaluation on Local Television Channel Creation that Allows Interaction with the Community

Zvezdan Vukanović, An Examination of the New Paradigm Shift Facing IDTV Stations

Nisha Weeramanthri, Andrew Turk, A Creative Adaptation of Eye Tracking Analysis for Children’s New Media Research

Doctoral Consortium Papers

Edited by: Judith Masthoff

Ana Vitória Joly, Interactive Cross-platform Environments for Young Children

Martin Rougvie, Patrick Olivier, Dynamic Editing Methods for Interactively Adapting Cinematographic Styles

Jannick K. Sørensen, Experienced Ethical Issues of Personalized Data-Mined Media Services

Jenneke Fokker, Huib de Ridder, Piet Westendorp, Johan Pouwelse, Inducing Cooperation in Peer-to-Peer Television Systems

Evangelia Mantzari, Consumption Situation Determinants of Virtual Communities’ Influence in the context of Interactive Digital Television

Susanne Sperring, Tommy Strandvall, Decoding Experiencing Entertainment in iTV

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